1 Arm, 1 Leg Breaststroke: A Drill to Develop Race Tempo Breaststroke

Michael Butler
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To improve your swimmer’s performance, you can use a variety of drills to improve your form and increase endurance. The one arm, one leg breaststroke drill is a great tool to practice distance and toning your muscles.

Here’s how you do it:

As you swim breaststroke, take one arm out of the water and use your other arm and kick to pull you towards the finish.

Once you’ve finished half the distance, switch to one arm for the other arm and the other leg you kicked on the first lap.

This drill will help you focus more on technique rather than relying on strength. You’ll also feel your back and chest muscles burn, especially if you perform this chain of drills with a fin.

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Well, I’m so excited to announce that it’s in the making. Until then, you can check out this sneak peek of my audio-guide: