Beginner’s Guide to Open Water Swimming Gear

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Do you love swimming in lakes, rivers, and the ocean? Do you feel the need to swim in fresh water… away from chlorine showers and inside the confines of the pool?

If you answered yes, then it’s time to try open water swimming.

Before you can get to the business of open water swimming, you have to be properly geared up and ready.

Here’s an in-depth beginner’s guide to open water swim gear that will lay the foundations to your success in this activity.

What you are going to find is that chemical resistant swim goggles are a must-have, as is an ultra-short swim cap that covers only the scalp. When it comes to other gear, focus on comfort and mobility.

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Swimming is an amazing exercise because it puts so many skills to use at the same time. It’s a full body workout that brings with it the benefits of cross training, while the water provides resistance and buoyancy, helping you to build endurance.

Nordic pole swimming is an increasing popular form of exercise, and is a safe alternative for people who need to ease into open water swimming as their form of fitness, or who need support because of injury. Beginners should always consider the challenges of open water swimming before heading out in open water. The pros of open water swimming far outweigh the cons, but err on the side of caution before venturing out into open water. Water safety is important to remember when you are out in the open, and there are options for underwater communication devices that allow for support systems in the event of an emergency.

Regardless of why you’re taking part in open water swimming, having the right equipment can make your swim much more comfortable and alleviate some of the stress you otherwise might experience. Open water swimming is not only a beautiful sport to take part in, but also a great form of cardiovascular exercise that will help you improve your physical and mental health through regular participation.