5 Best Drag Suits for Swimming

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If you want to improve your swimming times or just enjoy the water more, you’ll probably be wondering which are the best drag suits to buy?

I’ll offer you some advice and suggestions below.

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Square Leg Poly Mesh Training SuitBest OverallSpeedo Men's Swimsuit Square Leg Poly Mesh Training Suit
Adoretex Men's Polymesh Training Drag SuitBudget PickAdoretex Men's Polymesh Training Drag Suit
TYR Sport Men's Poly Mesh Trainer Swim SuitUpgrade PickTYR Sport Men's Poly Mesh Trainer Swim Suit

1. Speedo Men's Swimsuit Square Leg Poly Mesh Training Suit

Our rating: 9 / 10

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Square Leg Poly Mesh Training Suit

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  • Very comfortable in water
  • Breathable fabric
  • Baggy design
  • Compatible with body chains


  • Runs small
  • Not ideal for competitive swimmers

Speedo’s square-leg swimsuit for men gives you that skin tight fit you need to be competitive in the pool. The only problem is that while you’ll be on top during the water, you may fall behind in the square-leg department.

This swimsuit also has a special Pro Power Panel at the back to help support your back muscles while you swim. The material is a fast-drying polyester which is comfortable to wear and material that can be worn for hours without making you feel uncomfortable.

The drawstring waistband is supported by the crotch panel, which helps provide you with that definitive fit. The key ring attachment and the flat locked seams add to the comfort of this suit and give you that perfect fit. The lined Speedo logo on the left side can be embroidered with your name and number.

2. TYR Sport Men's Poly Mesh Trainer Swim Suit

Our rating: 8 / 10

TYR Sport Men's Poly Mesh Trainer Swim Suit

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The TYR Sport Poly-Mesh is made of 100% nylon creating a suit that will last you for many many years. The fantastic thing about this material, and the reason why this is a great suit for competitions, is that it will not shrink or stretch out over time nor will it fade out in sunlight. If you're worried that the suit looks a bit pricey, don't be! It's definitely worth the price tag because the material is extremely durable and will last you years.

It comes with great colors and patterns.

While you probably really want to look good in a drag suit, it is important that your performance and movements are unhindered. That is why the TYR Sport Poly-Mesh Trainer Swim Suit is an excellent choice for you. The material is extremely lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold up underwater, in the pool, and it will not snag or get caught in the water in any way. It also has a crotch gusset, vented armpits, a snug neck design, and a racer back with a double snap closure. These features will make your swim practices and competitions so much easier!

3. Adoretex Men's Polymesh Training Drag Suit

Our rating: 8 / 10

Adoretex Men's Polymesh Training Drag Suit

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  • A good choice for endurance swimmers
  • Available in many sizes
  • Offers good value for the price

The Adoretex polymesh men’s swimming shorts provide a more affordable option for those endurance swimmers who spend a lot of time in the pool and need a durable drag suit.

The polymesh fabric of the shorts increases its durability and lifespan while reducing the overall weight of the suit.

The shorts are also said to help even out muscle imbalances by acting as a resistance layer. This added support means you will avoid injury, allowing you to train harder and longer.

4. Finis Ultimate Drag Suit

Our rating: 8 / 10

Finis Ultimate Drag Suit

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  • Excellent drag
  • Super easy to get on and off
  • Lifetime warranty

The Finis drag suit is designed primarily for racing though it can be used for training, too. This is a piece of essential equipment for competitive swimmers who want to cut down their stroke time.

While most drag suits are hard to get on and off, they get tangled easily, and can slip off, the Finis drag suit is designed to be fast. It has only one strap that goes around the neck, and the suit is so tight and streamlined that you can wriggle yourself into it like you might wriggle yourself into a pair of well-fitting pantyhose or a pair of skinny jeans.

They are made with swimsuit material and are designed to dry fast (less than 30 minutes) to help prevent athlete’s foot.

5. Arena Men's Square Cut Drag Short Reversible Training Swimsuit

Our rating: 6 / 10

Arena Men's Square Cut Drag Short Reversible Training Swimsuit

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The Arena Training Short is a comfortable trainer that comes at a great price. Available in a variety of colors, this suit is a good option for anyone looking for a reliable training suit.

Comfortable and durable, this is a great option for training or for your indoor lap swim. The design is simple, yet it does the trick well. It is also reversible so that you'll have enough wear out of this suit.

The Arena Square Cut training swimsuit belongs to Arena's elite drag racing suit team that has been designing innovative race suits for over a decade. This swimsuit is one of the best selling drag suits available at a reasonable price for the high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are drag suits good for swimming?

Drag suits are good for swimming if they are designed for swimming. If they are not designed for swimming then they are probably for an entirely different sport. Drag suits can be used by a variety of swimmers who are in competitive swimming. They are also helpful for swimmers who are working on their fitness because it actually helps to boost your performance while working out.

Drag suits are also nice for competitive swimming because they do not hinder the swimmer and they will not cramp them in the same way that a wetsuit can do. Drag suits are typically made from lycra or nylon. It is important to consider when you purchase your drag suit the type of fabric the suit is made from because they do not all perform the same way. Most drag suits are created with the same purpose in mind: to help the swimmer keep a long and streamlined body while they swim. This helps the swimmer in multiple ways.

What is the best racing suit for swimming?

If you are looking for a racing suit that is a great for racing, look for a bilateral suit. Bilateral suits are similar to the LZR Racer¡ªwith the straps to hold the legs tight together. This is a great choice for competition as it will hold the body in a more streamlined position, and it will help your legs move through the water easier.

If you don't plan on racing, you don't need to purchase a bilateral suit. You can find a one-piece suit that is perfect for training and recreational swimming. 1-PIECE suits are also a great choice because it provides more hip and shoulder coverage than a 2-piece suit. It will help protect you from any incidental scrapes or bumps when you swim. It also makes it easier to take off after a workout.

What do swimmers wear to reduce drag?

Drag suits, or drag suits, refer to a tight-fitting garment that provides the same level of water resistance and smoothness as a wet suit. The suits are usually designed to provide a sleek, slim profile, while material is also customized to ensure maximum water resistance.

Drag suits are used by swimmers to ensure maximum speed, but can be utilized for a variety of other purposes, such as weight training in the pool. When utilized for swim training, drag suits are usually equipped with an elastic waist band, so they can be pulled off easily by the swimmer.

Slipping out of your drag suit as quickly as possible when taking a break is a competitive swimmerʼs best friend, so a bit of resistance isnʼt necessarily a bad thing. However, with the tight-fitting suits, you can really see the difference when it comes to drag.

What suits do Olympic swimmers wear?

Dress for success!

That’s the motto as far as high-performance drag suits are concerned. Swimmers that plan to qualify for Olympic trials or even the elite level must wear a drag suit.

In recent years, and especially for swimmers looking to qualify for the trials of the USA swimming team, the use of a full suit within the pool has steadily increased.

The purpose of this “high-performance suit” is mainly to reduce the amount of drag through the water, allowing for longer faster pushes and a better position in the water.

In general, most lightweight drag suits are made of ultra-durable materials with some level of “texturing” involved for increased smoothness. These suits are made to fit tightly to the body with the specific purpose of reducing drag.


Men’s long sleeve swimwear has evolved alongside fashion. It used to mostly hide a guy’s shape, now there’s a better selection of competitive swimwear that allows guys to show off their muscular bodies.

Men’s long sleeve swimwear also looks good on active men who happen to be in shape. It’s usually better than sleeveless since it does a better job of hiding anything extra. However, what to wear is a personal decision.

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Speedo Men's Swimsuit Square Leg Poly Mesh Training SuitBest OverallSpeedo Men's Swimsuit Square Leg Poly Mesh Training Suit
Adoretex Men's Polymesh Training Drag SuitBudget PickAdoretex Men's Polymesh Training Drag Suit
TYR Sport Men's Poly Mesh Trainer Swim SuitUpgrade PickTYR Sport Men's Poly Mesh Trainer Swim Suit