6 Best Snorkel and Swimming Masks

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Swimming is great for body strength and shape, and water therapy is also one of the best ways to relax and spend some time for yourself.

But all of this will come to nothing unless you have the right gear.

But before we get to that, what is the best snorkel and swimming mask set?

Here are some of the bests on the market and why you may want them.

Speedo Adult Recreation Mask Snorkel SetBest OverallSpeedo Adult Recreation Mask Snorkel Set
COPOZZ Scuba MaskBudget PickCOPOZZ Scuba Mask
Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive MaskUpgrade PickScubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask

1. Speedo Adult Recreation Mask Snorkel Set

Our rating: 9 / 10

Speedo Adult Recreation Mask Snorkel Set

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The Speedo Adult Snorkeling Mask and Snorkel Set is great for beginners. It has a low profile design that is perfect for smaller faces and is easy to adjust to a comfortable fit. It comes with everything you need to get started so all you need to do is put it on and jump in.

The mask and snorkel are both designed to hold your face well during your time in the water. It also comes with earplugs that help prevent water getting into your ears during your trip underwater.

2. Unigear Full Face Snorkel Mask

Our rating: 8 / 10

Unigear Full Face Snorkel Mask

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  • Anti-leak and anti-fog design for safe breathing
  • Well-design breathing-hole and exhaust valve for ease of use
  • Can be used for both snorkeling or swimming
  • Panoramic 180-degree view design


  • These should not be used in strong currents
  • The straps can feel kind of flimsy

This snorkel mask comes with 100% brand warranty, which will prove that it is a reliable snorkel mask. You can also get the free replacement for broken parts provided by the brand with valid sales invoice, which can ensure the quality of the mask. The snorkel mask is made of premium ABS material with silicone and a soft sponge, so that it could fit your face well, and it is comfortable to wear. You will have a good time watching fish, the sea, and people through this panoramic 180-degree view snorkel mask.

The Unigear Full Face has a unique full face design. It not only allow you to take a full view of the underwater world but also allow you to breathe freely with the help of the anti-leak and anti-fog design. You will be at ease with its self-fabric strap and adjustable buckles. This snorkel mask is suitable for one face size and offers you a great diving experience.

3. COPOZZ Scuba Mask

Our rating: 8 / 10

COPOZZ Scuba Mask

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  • No Leak Snorkeling Fit Better and Fancy Design
  • Useful Mask For Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling, Scuba, Free Diving, Swimming, Water park and Beach.
  • Secure Locking Anti-detachable Silicone Mouthpiece For Free Diving, Scuba, Snorkeling, Swimming
  • Compact, Slim, Lightweight, Extremely Comfortable, No fog, Anti-leaking, Easy to use.
  • Tempered Anti-fog Icarex lens, made of special material, excellent permeability. So it resists fogging under water surface
  • 10-15 mmHg Anti-leakage, Anti-diving, Anti-dry, Free Diving
  • 30 mmHg Anti-leakage, Anti-scuba, Suitable for both Adult and Teenager, Unisex


  • You will not be able to do rough activities while wearing the mask
  • This is a fragile product and it is not recommended for untrained people

This snorkel mask not only offer you a great vision under water, it is also very durable. The mask comes with a very well built case which will make it easy to travel with.

4. DIVELUX Snorkel Mask

Our rating: 8 / 10

DIVELUX Snorkel Mask

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  • It is easy to breathe properly with this mask because of its large air chamber
  • You can easily adjust the nose piece
  • It is easy to adjust to snorkel
  • It is easy to breathe and see
  • You can use this product for scuba diving and swimming
  • Fits well with people who have a rather big nose


  • If you have a small face, make sure to adjust the straps before use
  • The silicone mask does not fit some people

The Divelux mask is a full face snorkel mask allowing you to breathe freely underwater so that you can snorkel for longer periods of time. This product will fit people with a rather big nose as it comes with a large nose piece.

The Divelux Snorkel mask has two vents to allow water to flow out easier. The quality of the materials used is great. It also has a wide field of view allowing its users to breathe, see and swim normally underwater.

The silicone of the mask does not make faces look big. On the contrary, it makes the faces look a lot better. The product is a splashproof hence a bit safe to be used for diving.

5. Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask

Our rating: 8 / 10

Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask

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  • Has the dual wall lens technology
  • Available in various colors
  • Incredibly easy to see through
  • The low volume design will cause less drag during swimming
  • Can be adjusted with goggles and prescription glasses

Scubapro made its return to the low volume category, after receiving several awards for its first Spectra model. Its concept was an instant hit with diving masks.

The Spectra Low Volume 2 Window is molded to fit Scubapro’s patented Spectra lenses. The Spectra lens is a dual lens technology that maximizes clarity so you can see underwater like never before. The lenses are scratchproof and 100% UVA/UVB protected.

The mask’s low profile and unique double silicone skirt create a watertight seal and the nose pocket is designed to accommodate for most skin types and minimize irritation. The mask can be adjusted, too more information here.

6. WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

Our rating: 6 / 10

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

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  • Large viewing area = a better viewing experience
  • Made out of silicone, this snorkel is easier to breathe through
  • The silicone straps used aren’t prone to breakage
  • The silicone of the snorkel is designed to be hypoallergenic and won’t irritate sensitive skin
  • A GoPro mount is attached to the top of the snorkel for taking underwater videos
  • The GoPro mount is adjustable, so can be placed according to your preference
  • The snorkel can be submerged in water without causing it to fog up
  • The snorkel is designed to be easy to travel with
  • The streamlined design of the snorkel reduces the amount of water that’s needed to fill your lungs
  • This snorkel can be used on trips of up to fifteen metres below the water’s surface

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can't you wear snorkeling masks in swimming pools?

If you need to get a little more information on how these masks work and how they can help you swim and snorkel better, here is a great guide about snorkeling masks and features.

However, the quick answer to your question is that regulation masks can only be used for swimming in open water. This is because the lenses are not treated to work with chlorine and other chemicals that are found in public swimming pools.

These chemicals can damage the lenses and stop them from doing their job. In fact, if you are renting a mask while at the beach, it is often illegal to take the mask with you into the pool.

This is because you could contaminate the pool with the chlorine if you put on the mask while the mask was still wet from the ocean.

Are scuba and snorkel masks the same?

As a general rule, yes. There are some people who would like to make a very specific distinction between the two, but they usually just want one of the two products because they think it looks cool.

It just makes more sense to combine the two into one category, because they work in the same exact way.

Snorkel and diving masks are designed to fit in the same way (via suction or water-tight seal), and they function the same way as well.

The biggest difference is that snorkel masks are built for non-diving use and typically don’t come with a way to properly seal the mask against water to allow you to go down further. Snorkels are typically built with weaker or less rigid frames and thinner materials; they aren’t going to work for deep-sea diving.

Can I wear glasses with a snorkel mask?

You should be good to go as long as your glasses arms connect directly to your temples.

In other words, if your glasses have a long nose-bridge, you should look for snorkel masks with nose and/or mouth pieces to be safer.

I would highly recommend looking for a mask with sealing technology to ensure a watertight fit.

If you will be snorkeling in colder water or for a long period of time, you should definitely have a pair of gloves for your hands.

I also recommend having a UV protection lotion or spray.

What are the best goggles for snorkeling?

Snorkelers need more than just a great mask. While a mask should still be selected based on fit, we looked for models that also offer good optical clarity even when submerged.

Additionally, since snorkelers will be snorkeling in oceans and beaches, we wanted models that were certified as at least as impact resistant as the military standard. In other words, we focused on models that were certified as MIL STD 810G-516.6, the military standard for protecting against high-speed objects.

As for fit, snorkel masks should hug your face without creating any pressure spots for the most comfortable fit.


What features are important when choosing the best snorkel & swimming masks for kids? How do we get the best value for our money? What are we going to be looking for in a mask? The answers to these questions and more can be found on this page.

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Speedo Adult Recreation Mask Snorkel SetBest OverallSpeedo Adult Recreation Mask Snorkel Set
COPOZZ Scuba MaskBudget PickCOPOZZ Scuba Mask
Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive MaskUpgrade PickScubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask