6 Best Swim Floaties for Toddlers

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If you want to help your toddler learn how to learn how to swim. You start by providing them with the fun kind of learning where they will enjoy splashing water, floating on the water, and will be able to move around freely.

One of the best ways to do that is to provide them with some of the best swim floaties that can keep them afloat and will make them enjoy the water.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many available on the market. I’ve personally gathered some of the best swim floats for your toddler and I have included them below.

If you’re looking for some of the best items to get for your toddler, you can’t go wrong with the choices below.

Body Glove Paddle PalBest OverallBody Glove Paddle Pal
Speedo Kids' Begin to Swim Vinyl Basic Arm BandsBudget PickSpeedo Kids' Begin to Swim Vinyl Basic Arm Bands
SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity CenterUpgrade PickSwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

1. Body Glove Paddle Pal

Our rating: 9 / 10

Body Glove Paddle Pal

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  • A 3-sided barrier for much needed independence
  • Comes with mesh bag and cup
  • Only weighs 5 ounces
  • Can sit on your child’s lap if needed
  • Durable and washable
  • Easy to use with seatbelts

This baby buoyant life preserver is perfect for young children who are just learning to use their legs and wandering in the pool. It will keep your child from going under the water when swimming.

You just have to place the arms onto your child’s arms or legs depending how big your child is. Then, you just need to fasten the clip on the waistband of your child’s swimwear. The clip is attached with a strong strap that doesn’t break easily.

The shape of the Floatie is like a long tube with a small round head. The head is small so that the size of your child’s head is not too large for it. It is comfortable and easy to put on. There is padding along the waist and shoulders to make it more comfortable.

2. Otter Wings Kids Floaties

Our rating: 8 / 10

Otter Wings Kids Floaties

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  • Available from 4 months all the way to 12 years
  • They work just as well on land as in water
  • You can also use floaties in your bath tub
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Lets your child gain more independence
  • Great family value
  • Many people found that these floaties were the only way to teach their kids to swim
  • Neoprene material will keep water out and keep your kids warm
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to clean after your little one needs to pee

3. SwimSchool 4-in-1 Progressive Swim Training System

Our rating: 8 / 10

SwimSchool 4-in-1 Progressive Swim Training System

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  • Ability to attach to different products
  • Comes with seat


  • Not good for babies less than 15 lbs
  • Not made well

The Swim School Progressive Swim Training System is perfect for your little one if they have outgrown their infant float, but still aren’t able to swim. This floating device provides the security and confidence that they need to develop their swimming skills.

Parents can purchase the training system at any time, and as the child advances to the next stage, they can adapt the system to meet their growing needs.

The Swim School 3-Stage Swim Training System includes a multi-color kickboard, a kickboard with a float seat, and a boat with a float. By purchasing this system, you won’t be buying multiple training devices, but instead purchasing multiple stages of the same product.

4. Speedo Kids' Begin to Swim Vinyl Basic Arm Bands

Our rating: 8 / 10

Speedo Kids' Begin to Swim Vinyl Basic Arm Bands

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  • Easy to grab and go
  • Affordable
  • Excellent for learning how to swim

I was so excited about finding cute and affordable swim floaties for my two year old son. They were perfect until he wasn’t the slightest bit interested in wearing them anymore.

Sadly, they also got lost at some swim class because we did not have them on him.

All this being said, these arm bands are a godsend for any parent that is trying to teach their children to swim. They will keep your child nice and buoyant so that you can focus on very important safety training. Just know that they won’t fit a huge range of children.

5. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

Our rating: 8 / 10

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

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  • Holds up to 25 lbs
  • Connects to your child with a band
  • Portable
  • Promotes swimming, jumping and diving
  • Includes 3 interchangeable caterpillars
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Hanging toys protect your child

This adorable inflatable toy float will be a wonderful addition to any toddler’s swimming experience. Your preschooler can practice their swimming skills, and parents will love the durable materials and secure construction that this float is made of.

The floatation device is made exclusively for your child’s safety with a band that attaches to the chest area, making sure that they stay afloat while they are playing.

The circular design of the floatation device also provides for plenty of movement space for your toddler, allowing them to practice kick-to-blades or swim freestyle.

6. Speedo Fabric Baby Cruiser

Our rating: 7 / 10

Speedo Fabric Baby Cruiser

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  • Easy to carry
  • Allow babies to practice swimming kicks and movement
  • Can be safely used in a kiddie pool

Speedos Baby Cruiser is a decent alternative to the classic inflatable ring—if you can’t beat the ring, join it.

If you’re thinking about purchasing the classic inflatable ring but are concerned about the safety of such a device, the Baby Cruiser is the perfect compromise. It looks and functions very similarly to the classic rings—and even comes in the same blow-up shape—but comes with a seat for extra support and security.

The seat is rather curvy, as its designed for baby comfort as well as safety. The Cruiser is also available in a variety of colors to match your child’s swimsuit, and can be used in both pools as well as the beach, making it a good investment for parents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best flotation device for toddlers?

Floaties are a great beginning tool for parents who are trying to teach their kids how to swim. Although floaties are more of a training tool, some toddlers can get by wearing a decent pair of floaties their whole lives.

Not only do floaties provide security for young children as they are learning to swim, but they also help to strengthen the upper body. As mentioned previously, floaties also help to provide buoyancy for kids of all sizes, helping to make swimming easier.

What is the best swim float for a 2 year old?

The advantages of using a swim float starts with safety and security for toddlers. They will have an easier time in the water than if they are just holding onto you. It will take pressure off their arms and shoulders, so they are able to play with their hands more. They can take breaks by chilling out on the float, so they won’t tire themselves out.

Your little one is also able to enjoy swimming without being completely dependent on you. They can splash around and explore the water on their own, which is an important skill for toddlers trying to develop confidence.

Should toddlers wear floaties?

If your little one is still a little unstable in the water, a floatie is a great idea. By giving your toddler something sturdy to hold on to, you’ll encourage the development of their swimming skills. Once they gain some confidence, floating around with their arms out will be easier and more natural.

Some pool experts will caution against using floaties like these or arm bands with swimming infants. They say it can cause your child to lean over more than necessary when they learn to swim, which isn’t ideal. You can still use them if you’re okay with that potential issue. The risk of drowning also goes up with floaties, so don’t leave your child unattended not wearing one.

Can a 1 year old wear floaties?

In most situations, if a 1-year-old is big enough to reach and hold onto the sides of the pool, he or she is big enough to wear or hold a flotation device. For babies that are new to the pool, floaties should be considered a must. If your baby hasn’t shown an interest in being in the pool, we recommend that you wait until he or she is at least 2 years old before even getting a flotation device.


So, what makes a good toddler pool float to buy? Safety is the most important factor. A toddler cannot swim if they are separated from you. So, it is vital to find one with smooth surfaces, an easy to secure strap, and one that will not pop to the surface. The best pool floats for toddlers are also easy to clean outside of the pool so that it can be prepared for the next use.

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Speedo Kids' Begin to Swim Vinyl Basic Arm BandsBudget PickSpeedo Kids' Begin to Swim Vinyl Basic Arm Bands
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