The Best Waterproof Fitbits for Swimming

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If you’re a pool or ocean swimmer, you’ll want to buy the best waterproof Fitbit to track your swims and receive accurate results from the pool.

On land it’s easy to flick from one page to the next or move from one app to the next, but in the water it’s not that easy. You can buy your first activity tracker to track the exact swimming exercises, efficiency and laps you do.

You won’t be surprised to learn that there are a LOT of options on the market once you start looking, which is why I’ve created this list of the best waterproof Fitbits you can buy.

Fitbit Flex 2Best OverallFitbit Flex 2

1. Fitbit Flex 2

Our rating: 9 / 10

Fitbit Flex 2

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  • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, and sleep
  • See call, text and calendar notifications on display
  • Syncs automatically to computers and select phones
  • Tap screen to see time of day, hear alarms, see caller ID and check daily stats
  • Can replace a watch with a water-resistant design
  • Tracks swimming stats like laps, duration and calories burned
  • Optional color-coded wristbands

Aesthetically speaking, the Fitbit Flex 2 is the best-lookin’ activity tracker out there. The matte finish on the face and shiny accents really make it stand out against other similar products.

The only downside is that the battery life is not the best. However, the battery life is still much better than the Charge 2 or Alta. Plus, the battery life lasts a few days, which is plenty of time for you to finish a workout and then charge it.

2. Fitbit Ionic Watch

Our rating: 7 / 10

Fitbit Ionic Watch

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  • Awesome touchscreen display
  • Operates independently of your phone
  • Waterproof-ish


  • Expensive
  • No GPS
  • Not as accurate as other Fitbits

Despite some flaws, the Fitbit Ionic Watch is a great option for swimmers. It comes with a heart rate monitor and will also automatically track your swimming stats. You will probably also like the fact that it also tracks other sports activities, including weight training.

It is advertised as being waterproof but falls the short of being truly waterproof. You cannot wear it poolside, but you can wear it in the water. I would recommend it for activities like water aerobics or water vinyards.

It is a great choice for swimmers, active exercisers, and anyone that wants an all-in-one fitness tracker that will motivate you to be more active because they enjoy it themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Fitbit is best for swimming?

If you are swimming you may struggle to use your Fitbit in the water and that is okay. Not all Fitbit models are waterproof, so do your research before you buy. If you are going to be swimming laps then you will probably want to stick with the Fitbit Flex 2 or a Flex model that is designed for swimming. These models are waterproof up to 50 meters.

Which Fitbit is waterproof for swimming?

Make sure you select a model that is actually waterproofed for swimming and water-related activities. You shouldn’t have to worry about washing off your tracker after each swim session, or having to take it off prior to jumping in the pool for some laps.

When you are selecting which Fitbit to use for working out, be sure you find the model that is specifically designed for your particular fitness routine, while also offering the features and technology that you’re after.

What is the best waterproof fitness watch?

Numerous fitness wristbands, such as Garmin, offer water resistance for up to 50 meters. Although they are water-resistant but they cannot be used while swimming or being submerged in water.

To track your swimming activities it is better to buy a dedicated swim watch that can monitor the laps, distance, calories burned, and time, which are displayed on the strap itself.

Fitbit is dedicated to the design and manufacture of activity trackers and wearable products and all of its products fall in these categories. The Fitbit Flex is a wristband that acts as a combination between a bracelet and a standard activity tracker. The product can be synchronized via Bluetooth with your laptop, a desktop computer or even your mobile phone and is also provided with an online dashboard where the information provided can be analyzed and presented to you in a manner that is easy and fun.


It's vital that you don't underestimate the capacity to swim with your triathlon watch. It's likely to get wet when you swim, whether you're freestyling in a pool or swimming in the ocean. It's vital, if you want to keep your watch, that you check whether it can handle swimming or not. This is why we compiled this list of waterproof Fitbits. You don't want to risk paying for a watch that can't withstand a bit of moisture.

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Fitbit Flex 2Best OverallFitbit Flex 2