Choose Your Struggle

Michael Butler
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What will you choose to struggle through to be successful?

I recently heard of an entrepreneur who was asked in an interview how he was able to handle his company during the down economy. He said that many businesses don’t last during a downturn because the owners didn’t choose their struggles wisely. A downturn can be a great time to clean house and get rid of bad employees, bad contracts, or just plain bad products. And it’s the best time to put more emphasis on the products and employees that provide the most value to your company.

In addition, a downturn can make you work harder and be more creative to find new clients or opportunities that are likely to be more lucrative than past clients or opportunities. Sometime it’s a great test of how much you really want a business to be successful. If you’re willing to make the right choices during a downturn, you’ll be much better off during the prosperous times.

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