Get Your Kick in Shape with this Variable Speed Kick Set

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The Variable Speed Kick Set

This tool is a wonderful gift for any serious martial artist or exercise enthusiast. It is one of my personal favorites because of its portability, ease of use, and affordability. Though I don’t really use it as much as most of the other designs, I keep it close by on a wall in my gym. We use it on a regular basis to help warm the hips up, to quickly cool them down, and to manage any pain incurred during the practice of martial arts.

This is one of those tools that almost any serious warrior or fitness enthusiast should have.

Notes from Coach Chapman:

I love speed training.

I’ll get my harder intervals in on the track and my longer stuff on the roads. But for short intervals at all different speeds, I’d rather be on the treadmill.

On the track, I can get my faster repetitions in, but I’m limited to sprints, not strides. On the roads, I can focus on longer intervals, but I risk injury when I push hard on uneven surfaces. On the treadmill, I don’t have to worry about either of these limitations.

The other bonus to treadmill training is that you can dial in exactly the pace you want. If you’re doing sprints for time, you can do them without worrying about an exact mile time. Want the workout to be a 7:15/mile? Done. Want 10 repeats at 400? No problem.

It’s just as easy to use this versatile kick set to develop power and speed as it is to develop endurance. If you’re ready to work on your propulsion, you might want to look into The Science of Running Faster book I co-written with John Vonhof. It’s always one of my most popular books.

More Kick Sets:

Treat your Achilles’ heels (and other body parts) with this variable-speed AquaKick massage system.

Spa owners have four basic options for their water jacuzzis: heat, bubbles, lights, or massage. But what if you want all of them?

The AquaKick is an adjustable-speed pool and spa pump that provides oxygenation, water purification, and massage. I use mine to accelerate the sanitation and purification process and massage my feet and legs.

It’s a simple device, with only two buttons: "off" and "slow." But it rewards that simplicity with some impressive utility.

With the smooth-running AquaKick, you can now enjoy the benefits of a luxury spa without hefting the price tag or taking up the space.

Back in college, I used to spend hours on end in the dorm jacuzzi while my friends updated their Facebook statuses upstairs. This was an innovative product back then, but now I’m enjoying its many uses even more than I did back then.