How to Level Up Your Kicking Speed with the Plantation Swim Team

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How to Kick Faster with the Plantation Swim Team

The Plantation Swim Team is a swim team based in Miramar, Florida and West Palm Beach, Florida. The Plantation Swim Team has won seven Florida State Championships, fifteen District Championships, has been ranked as high as top three in the country in its age group, and has produced several Olympians. If you’re serious about swimming, the Plantation Swim Team is one of the best swim teams to join.

I’m a Plantation Swim Team esthetician and swim instructor. There are two reasons why I love training with the Plantation Swim Team: The first is that I get to be around the amazing coaches and athletes on the Plantation Swim Team. The second is that I get to swim with my own kids.

My kids Louanna, Alexander, Rachel, and Steven have trained with the Plantation Swim Team since they were toddlers. Each of them has found a passion for swimming and learned so much about swimming. Plantation Swim Team coaches ensure that they receive extra attention and that they have every opportunity to train to their potential.

Because of their experience on the Plantation Swim Team, my kids are good swimmers. But each of them is also very different in terms of their swimming preferences and their swimming styles.

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