Improve Your 100 Freestyle with this Epic Race Pace Set

Michael Butler
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Achieving a race pace set in the 100 freestyle (FB) is a tremendous way to build a foundation for success in the pool.

Swimmers (and coaches) should all have a basic understanding of the race pace set, and the best way to explain it is by using a simple example ….

  • — A swimmer who can swim 75m in 1:10sec in a 25m pool should practice swimming 75m in 1:10sec in a 50m pool.
  • — A swimmer who can clock 1:15sec for 75m in a 25m pool should be able to swim 1:15sec for 50m in a 50m pool.

Let me explain why—when you swim in a 50m pool, you’re forced to be more efficient to achieve the same race pace times.

The following are some basic examples. More detailed explanations can be found in the post “Drills to improve your 100 freestyle for all abilities—.

  • — Taper your speed 25m lanes
  • — Taper your speed 25-50m pool

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