Improve Your 400m IM with this Set

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How to Improve Your 400m Individual Medley

A 400m IM is a tough event requiring the ability to swim at race pace for 100m, 400m, 100m, 400m, 100m, and another 400m during a single freestyle stroke. A GREAT 400m IM performance is 20 seconds or less, which no doubt is a difficult task.

Having the ability to repeat this sequence of 200-meter swims is what makes the difference between a good and great swimmer. What makes the task even more challenging is that it is virtually impossible to maintain speed for the entire 400m. To get a great swim however, you must be able to maintain a high level of intensity for the entire 400m. So how can you break up the 400m freestyle swims to get the best finish?

The key to a great and consistent performance is in the ability to vary your effort during the race. If you can replicate your rate of effort, your 400m IM will get faster with each swim. Maintaining a consistent intensity level will ensure that you will continue to improve without burning yourself out.

These four swims will help you master the ability to swim each time portion with the same intensity.

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The 400 IM (individual medley) is my favorite swimming event for a couple of reasons. First it is the only event where I can take an assured first place spot. Second is that it gives me an opportunity to show meet spectators that being a good swimmer is a lot about mental toughness as it is about physical prowess.