Improve Your Underwater Fly Kick with the “Ropes” Kick Set

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Underwater Fly Kick Work with Brownsburg Swim Club

When does come to the underwater fly kick, it’s so important to have the RIGHT stroke for your level and ability.

Here’s my favorite drill to practice with the goal of increasing overall body coordination. It’s what I like to call the “Ropes” kick set.

You’ll need a kickboard or a kickrope, and some type of object at the base of the pool that you can put the board in front of, such as a long rope or a length of pool noodles.

You'll start by standing at the end of the pool and placing the board in front of the anchor object. Place your hand on the top of the board to hold it in place.

Now take your normal kickboard position, which is either straight legs for a less challenging version, or a position similar to the fly kick where are the knees bend at a 90-degree angle.

Now place your other hand on the floor of the pool and slide your feet back so that you're in a standing position with the board still placed in front.

More Kick Sets:

In addition to following the water warming tips in the previous point, there are a few techniques and kick sets that are helpful in improving your underwater fly kick. For example, one of the most common issues faced by a newbie swimmer is a lack of sufficient propulsion.

This is why most coaches emphasize out-kicking, which can be used in- or out-of-the-water. It’s a very effective way to create assistance in order to swim faster. It is such a widely used and practiced kick set that you may have already come across it, even if you’ve never swam before. This means that you can use it from day one in the water.

This kick set is referred to as “the ropes” because that’s what you want to feel during the set. Keep kicking for 10