My Favorite Sets for Developing Flutter Kick Thunder-Speed

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SET #1

Often referred to as the Heisman Kick after famous football player Jim Brown, this exercise requires you to perform the flutter kick with a kick board to fully challenge your core. This set also improves the strength and speed of your leg kicks.

SET #2

4 x 50 – Build Leg Strength and Power

This set will help you build strength in your legs and increase your kick speed. It will also help develop your coordination and endurance, so you can stay in the pool longer.

Since there are no turns in this set, you won’t need your board. Start in your prone position for 50 meters, breathing to both sides, and swim a slow freestyle. Then swim back 50 meters breathing to both sides again. Repeat the set of 4x200m with this technique for a total of four sets.

This set can have 3 different outcomes depending on your ability level. If you are a beginner, you will complete the set at a tempo that is slow enough to get you on your board every time. If you are more advanced, you will complete the set right to the board and then right off the board.

For the most advanced, you will complete the set right to the board and then continue on, without getting on the board. This will allow you to master your swimming, develop coordination and muscle memory and develop the strength needed to swim as fast as possible.

Ready to Take Your Swimming to the Next Level?

In the pool, you are also training your muscles to adapt to the resistance of the water; you are training your muscles to generate power. This is a different concept from running or biking, which primarily train you to generate speed at the expense of stamina.

Swimming’s unique training protocol is why it’s considered the best all-around exercise. In addition to packing a one-two punch of muscles and endurance, swimming provides an awesome aerobic workout. The flutter kick is an excellent move for creating speed.

While this Olympic-level flutter kick exercise may seem tough at first, build up your muscle power by reinforcing proper technique and strengthening your leg muscles first.

Good form means you are using the correct sized kick for your freestyle stroke. It means that you are reaching your leg back with a straight leg. (Your leg should be perpendicular with your body, reaching back behind you.) It means that your head is in line with your spine, and it means that you are reaching forward with your arm to balance your body in the water.

Check out your time in the water with time-trial swim workouts. Because they require you to focus on moving quickly through the water, they help you develop better form.

You can also check with your coach to see if he or she has any other suggestions for developing your flutter kick.