NCAA and World Champion Josh Schneider’s Favorite Sprint Set

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1 x 100m Stride Out. Just run easy. Not all out. Just easy and smooth.


Perform the following exercises in a back-to-back fashion with minimal rest between exercises. If you need to catch your breath, go ahead and take a breather.

{1}. Hill Sprints (100 Meters): Start at the base of a steep hill and sprint to the top. Walk back down the hill as needed to recover.
{2}. Overhead Med Ball BB Squats (5 Reps): Start at the top of the bleachers with a ball overhead. Squat down to at least 90 degrees, or as low as you can go before needing a spotter. Reverse to the start.
{3}. Sprint (100 Meters): Repeat as a continuous run until you have completed ten 100-meter sprints.

Feel free to substitute other sprints such as Bear Crawls, Tire Flips, and 300 Meter Sprints. I prefer the Hill Sprints due to the fact that I live in an area where it is very difficult to find quality hill sprints. You can even try it on a drop-in basketball court, provided that it’s flat.

Your rest between sets is up to you. Personally, I rest for 18 minutes between each set. This allows me to complete the entire session in about 30 minutes.


  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Easy Row
  • PVC Squat
  • DB or KB Deadlift
  • 4x Push-ups
  • Banded Face Pull
  • 3x Banded Face Pull
  • 1 x T-Glutes
  • 1 x L-Glutes
  • Banded Leg Lowering
  • 2 x Short Glute Hamstring
  • 2 x Glute Bridge
  • BO Sprints
  • Downhill Sprints
  • Flip Over Sprints
  • Windmill Sprints