The New Michael Phelps Under Armour Commercial Will Give You Chills

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In the latest Michael Phelps Under Armour commercial, he heads out into the pool where we see him as a young child swimming and diving. He swims faster and faster until he finally breaks the water’s surface and comes back up to the camera with an adult face …. wearing swimming goggles.

You’ll have the chills as you watch this newest Under Armour Michael Phelps commercial because it epitomizes what it means to “go all out.” To exceed expectations and to achieve a seemingly unattainable goal. And to do it more than once!

But if you recognize your own swimming journey as that of an infant trying to figure out how to keep the water out of your eyes, to a favorite past time and then even to an intense competitive sport, you’ll appreciate the significance of this commercial.

You’ll also understand why the message of this Under Armour commercial could be considered dangerous. The message is that Michael Phelps is doing pretty well in life, being a 5-time Gold-medal winner, having 3 children, a beautiful wife, a successful business. And that if you are dedicated and willing to work for your goals, you can accomplish anything!

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