Power Up Your IM and Stroke Events with This Set from Badger Aquatics Club

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The Badger Aquatics Club IM/Stroke Set

The Badger Aquatics Club has a new IM/stroke set. The set includes a pull buoy, a butterfly float, a drag float, and a snorkel. It’s designed by Caresco specifically for triathlon. You can pick up the set directly from Badger Aquatics Club or from Amazon.

The package includes these items:

Pull Buoy

The pull buoy is an essential tool for distance swimmers. It improves your body positioning and helps with muscle activation. The Badger Aquatics Club pull buoy is adjustable, so you can find the right size.

Butterfly Float

Conveniently attaches to your goggles to keep water from filling them.

Drag Float

This hand-held float helps with hand positioning for a reduced drag in the water.


The snorkel helps with training for long-distance swims. It lets you breathe without taking your head out of the water and without taking your stroke. This is particularly helpful for the butterfly stroke, as the rotation of the hips allows you to breathe without it.

Another benefit of the snorkel is that it reduces the risk of swallowing environmentally hazardous materials. It also helps with training for cold weather, but it helps cut down on the cost of warm-weather training.

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