Rise and Swim – The Ultimate Motivational Video for Swimmers

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If you’re a swimmer, or you know one, you’re probably looking for an easy way to motivate him or her without spending a lot of effort on elaborate incentives and rewards. I’m sharing one of my favorite swimming videos with you today that I call Rise and Swim – The Ultimate Motivational Video for Swimmers.

You see, swimming is a wonderful core exercise, and a great way to exercise in a low stress environment. When done in a well-designed lane with a good lane pattern, it is possible to exercise without worrying about the swimming etiquette rules.

While swimming satisfies the ultimate goal of keeping fit and healthy, it is also an exciting sport that demands an athlete to be in excellent physical condition. Rising to the challenge offers an immense sense of the fulfillment.

I appreciate swimming for many reasons. Swimming is a superb exercise for all ages because the low-impact nature of the exercise benefits almost every part of the body. It’s an ideal exercise for weight loss for a number of reasons. You don’t need to have a swimming pool in your backyard to enjoy swimming as it is possible to swim in around 3.5 feet of water, too.

Ready to Take Your Swimming to the Next Level?

Most people start swimming because it’s a fun part of a summer birthday party or part of a school PE class. Then they grow up and never go back.

Despite its popularity, most people don’t realize how rich the sport of swimming is in history, technique, and training adaptations. The lanes at the pool, with all their flags and buoys, hide a deep history of swimming as a sport and sport science. There’s so much involved in learning to swim better that it can feel overwhelming.

With long training, great skill, and nutrition, and knowledge of training, you can swim as fast as you want. You can get better than you ever imagined, including swimming one length faster than your current lifetime best.