10 Rules for Sharing a Lane with Other Swimmers

Michael Butler
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If you are a good swimmer, you probably enjoy swimming in open water. The feeling of openness, the cool water, the wind in your hair all make for a more enjoyable swimming experience. However, open water swimming is not for everyone and some people may keep you from reaching your level of being a good swimmer. Here you’ll find a list of 10 rules to follow to being a good swimmer.

What makes a good swimmer?

In a nutshell, a good swimmer is the one who makes it to the finish line. There are many factors that go into defining a good swimmer. However, the main factor is the ability to effectively cover the distance that has been planned. If you are a good swimmer, you should be able to cover the distance in the time allotted for your event.

What are the 10 rules?

{1}. The other swimmers have made a choice to be where they are.
{2}. Even the fastest swimmers will not harm you by being where they are.
{3}. Do not be in a hurry.
{4}. Stress will only make the swim difficult for you.
{5}. Learn to respect the distance and the word “no”
{6}. Respect other swimmers in their space.
{7}. Treat other swimmers as you would want to be treated.