The Seminole Aquatics Kick Set: Race Hard, Kick Faster

Michael Butler
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When I think of swimming training, the first image that comes to mind is a guy flapping his arms like an excited chicken. This makes me want to make a lame joke about this guy being destined for a career in teaching PE. But, hey, at least he’s up and out of his chair.

When it comes to swimming training, the arms are the glaring weakness of most triathletes. It’s very rare that I meet a triathlete who can swim freestyle with proper technique using only his or her arms. The freestyle is usually taught by pulling the arms straight behind the body and doing the motion through the lats. If you have access to a Masters swimmer or someone who is very strong, you may even get away with it. Most Masters swimmers are not very fast, so their arms are not fast either.

Kicking It with Seminole Aquatics

I was introduced to the Seminole Aquatics team last year in the fall. I had just started at the university and was looking to join a swim club. I had never swam competitively and had no idea what to expect from this team. I was pretty surprised when I found out that it was a competitive club team. It didn’t scare me off because I was excited to try something completely different. This was something new, and I was ready to grow and learn from it.

The fall season went by very quickly. After a couple of team practices and about 5 meets under my belt, the winter season arrived, and with it, the colder weather. I realized that the winter season wasn’t going to be easy with all of the hours I had to pull in school and the swim team. Luckily, the competitive aspect of the team wasn’t as daunting as it had been in the fall because there were just a few meets, including our one and only conference swim meet. The atmosphere was laid back and went extremely smoothly. It was nice to have a change in pace from the bump and