The 6 Struggles of Being a Butterflyer

Michael Butler
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If you are a butterfly swimmer, then you have probably experienced some unique challenges in your stroke. The butterfly uses both the arm and leg to move through the water, which is why it is referred to as the stroke. To become a better butterfly swimmer, you should be in the water every day practicing to replicate the stroke. You should not just improve your endurance but also be able to do turns and push off the wall. To do this, you need to be able to practice as much as possible.

Here are the struggles, however, that you may encounter along the way to becoming a butterfly swimmer.

When you practice swimming as a butterfly, it feels like you swim against the tide. Just like in swimming as you go up the walls, you feel uncomfortable. Once you get into the water, you start to feel yourself struggle and go against the current. This resistance you feel is very strong when you have to go against the tide and reach the other side without getting any rest. That is what is so amazing about the butterfly. You are going up and back right against the tide without getting any rest and with as much force as you can.