Supercharge Your Kick – 4 Sets for Kicking Power and Speed

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SET #1


Lay face down on the bench, holding the dumbbell in one hand. Extend the leg so that it’s straight, while keeping the opposite arm back for balance. Lift the leg up until it’s almost straight out, then lower the leg back down to the starting position. This is one rep. Complete 15 to 20 reps.

SET #2

Weighted Snake …

This is a great way to improve your acceleration, an ability crucial to a successful kicker. Begin by taking a step back along the target line with both feet.

Pivot your back foot slightly to the inside, with both your feet parallel to the target line. Place a weighted ball on top of the kicking tee.

Balance yourself as well as you can, then push off both feet as you swing the kicking leg back. Point your toe toward the target and bend your knee, then swing your kicking leg up until your thigh is parallel to the ground with the ball on top of the tee just below your knee. Hold on to the ball with your kicking foot if necessary.

Finally, push off with your other foot as you swing your kicking leg through the target, then bring both feet together as you step back along the target line. This is the first of the four sets.

Note: If your balance is otherwise good, you can leave the ball on the tee for the second set. If not, remove the ball and move your kicking foot back toward the target line until you find your balance again.

SET #3

The Hand-Pop

This is how you whip out your kicking hand for a hand-stick for high penalty kicks. It’s important that you’re able to do this accurately and quickly. You want to get the ball out of your hands as fast as you can. So once you’ve stepped up to the ball, pull your kicking leg back towards your kicking hand. Just before your knee gets to the vertical position, start the rotation of your kicking leg. It’s usually a good idea to make a circle with your leg when it’s vertical. Remember to keep your kicking foot vertical throughout the kick. When your kicking foot is vertical, you can pull your kicking hand forward. Once your kicking foot is horizontal to the ground, you can start to push the ball with your kicking hand.

You then want to whip your kicking leg back towards your supporting leg. The snap of your kicking leg is what gives you power. Continue accelerating the leg until you get to turbo-speed for a high kick.

If you are to increase the speed of your kick as well as the overall speed of your game, you’ve got to get used to changing direction fast. It’s a lot easier than it looks! You don’t need to have perfect balance to change direction.

SET #4

Kicking Power and Speed

Although the third set may also include power kicks due to the greater demands placed on the body at this point in the workout, this set is specifically for kicking power and explosiveness, and power kicks are emphasized.

It is important that a good balanced stance is used during this set to increase control, power, and the overall effectiveness of your torquing action.

Start the set as in set 2 with three high knees kicking and quickly switch to three power kicks. Try to keep your kick tighter and more compact on these power kicks. Be sure to focus your mind on the contracting and extending action of your hips. These power kicks should feel similar to the last set’s kicks with the exception that you are kicking faster and harder. Attempt to exert the same amount of force through the ball of the foot as you generate force through the ground. You should also focus on the rear leg during this set. It is important that you try to stabilize this leg as much as possible to create an efficient and effective kicking movement.

Once you have completed three power kicks, begin the next rep without pausing. Before you switch legs, drive your back heel into the ground, which should cause you to step forward with your front leg slightly. It’s important you maintain a balanced stance because the next three power kicks will be set up from this stance.