Swim Faster by Streamlining Your Life Outside the Pool

Michael Butler
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What areas of your life outside of the pool are causing you resistance?

Life can be messy, to say the least. We’re all busy. But it’s possible to create a space and time for our swim training without making our lives super hectic. The secret is streamlining.

It’s about focusing on the things we want instead of being pulled in all directions by the commitments we don’t want. Are you spending sufficient time on things you enjoy that will contribute to your health and fitness? Are you overcommitted in areas that you don’t like and that are holding you back?

Refocus your attention on what matters, and you’ll be surprised how much more energy and time you have to devote to your goals. You can splurge on things to eat that contribute to your fitness such as fruit, vegetables, healthy snack bars, and whole food smoothies. In turn, you can eliminate the energy drains in your life such as watching TV, and going out to eat.

It’s a simple scientific law that your body will respond to what you pay attention to. So, if you feed yourself lots of energy-enhancing foods, you’ll be more energized than if you make a habit of dieting and drinking black coffee.

In Summary

Here are a few key points to remember:

Endorphins and dopamine are the chemicals in your brain that are responsible for making you feel good and wanting to do more of the same activity. Learning to recognize when you experience these feelings is a tool that can help you re-direct the energy used to fuel your procrastination into more positive and productive channels.

Recognize the source of your resistance to exercise.

Ask yourself which part of your resistance is based on the Habit vs. Willpower battle. This will