Swimmers at St. Petersburg Pool Swim Next to Phelps and NBAC Squad (Video)

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There are many ways to get in a swim workout – driving to the pool and swimming laps is one. Signing up for a swim lesson or a workout class is another. Making friends and joining a Masters swim program is a third, as is working with an on-the-water personal trainer.

Swimming is a great form of recreation, and for competitive swimmers, it’s a great way to stay fit for their sport. For recreational swimmers, who might not be used to competing in swim meets, it might seem like there’s not much to the sport of swimming. Or that it’s easy. In reality, it challenges just about every muscle in the body. And that’s what makes the sport so fun. It’s also a great way to get in a daily workout.

Swimming is also one of the only sports where all the muscles in the body are engaged. In this video, for example, professional swimmer, Ryan Lochte, trains in front of a large group of swimmers in St. Petersburg. Although they are swimmers, and they’re in a pool, they don’t necessarily know that he’s a famous Olympic athlete or that he carries the hardware to prove it.