30 Swimming Memes That Perfectly Describe Swimmers

Michael Butler
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Swimming is great for the mind, body, and soul. Swimming isn’t just an exercise to maintain a healthy body. It’s designed to exercise all the muscles, from the neck to the ankles and the arms to the shoulders. It’s a perfect exercise for the body.

And more importantly, swimming is a non-weight bearing exercise, which means that the body has an easier time healing itself. Now that’s good for the mind and soul!

If you’re a regular swimmer, you will definitely relate to the swimmers below:

{1}. I’m glad my Instagram model doesn’t look like the real thing.
{2}. That feeling when you get your first Amazon package.
{3}. It’s about to get loud in here
{4}. That feeling when the teacher says that we don’t have to do homework.
{5}. I’m guessing they are talking about his girlfriend’s body.
{6}. Finally you found a way to make exercising exciting.
{7}. We need more dancing in the swimming pool.

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