USA Swimming Call Me Maybe

Michael Butler
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USA Swimming, the primary governing body for competitive swimming in the United States, has issued a call to help to get more people into the water. The organization wants to remind you that if you don’t swim, you should learn.

Swimming is the simplest lifesaving skill to learn and strengthens your bones and muscles. Yet it’s a competency that swim-able children master long before they’re big enough to drive a car.

But what happens when kids grow up? According to USA Swimming, 70 percent of American adults do not swim, and 13 million teens and adults cannot swim. And once those people grow up, they don’t get any better.

There are also simple reasons most people don’t swim. They are afraid of water in general or simply never took the time and effort to learn. Many of them are also afraid of water because of the drowning risks. However, it’s a lot easier than they think.